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Matt Thurber Memorial

Tournament Rules (Squirt, Peewee & Bantam Levels)


The goal of the Matt Thurber Memorial Tournament is to provide a fun and competitive Tournament for all participants and spectators. Players, coaches and spectators should conduct themselves in a proper manner at all times. Improper and abusive behavior will not be tolerated! It is the responsibility of each coach/manager to control his/her team and exemplify good sportsmanship.


Operational Rules:

1. The tournament operator will provide two certified referees, a timekeeper/scorekeeper for each game.

2. Each team shall be responsible to provide an ADULT volunteer to manage their team’s penalty box during EACH of their team’s games. This adult may be a rostered coach who is not on the bench, but may NOT coach from the penalty box.

3. Team managers must check-in one (1) hour prior to their first scheduled game and present USA Hockey credentials. We will be checking official USA Hockey rosters with verified birth dates. This information must be available upon request by the Tournament Director (or a designated representative). If there is any question regarding the validity of any team or players’ credentials, that team/player shall not participate until all issues are resolved. Roster stickers will be pre made but be prepared to present stickers if there are any roster changes.

4. The home team will wear light jerseys. Home team will be determined by the Tournament Director (or a designated representative) at the time of scheduling. Please bring both sets of jerseys to each game, in the event that last minute changes are required. If a team does not have two sets of jerseys, please notify tournament officials at the time of registration.

5. The only persons allowed on the benches are eligible players in uniform and a maximum of four (4) registered team officials. Injured players that are on the active roster may be on the bench if they are wearing a team jersey and helmet.

6. All players must wear all required equipment as approved by USA Hockey.

7. Teams must be prepared to start 15 minutes before each scheduled game.

8. At the conclusion of each game, the coach or manager of each team shall be responsible for reviewing the score sheet (front and back) to determine whether any player or team official has been suspended or disqualified from participating in any future game or games. The coach or manager of each team must also sign the score sheet. If a coach or manager fails to verify and sign a score sheet, the score as verified by the referees, whether correct or incorrect, will be used for tournament calculations. The Tournament Committee will not overrule any on ice decisions (playing rules). No hearings will be held for game misconduct penalties. All findings from any match penalty will be forwarded to the team’s local governing body at the conclusion of the tournament.

9. Coaches, please make sure locker rooms are clean and undamaged. Your team will be charged for any clean up, damages, and/or lost keys. Locker room keys will be checked out for each game to a responsible team representative prior to each game. All keys must be returned after every game to keep lockers rooms open and available. Time allowed in locker rooms before or after a game may be adjusted by Tournament officials to keep locker room availability as needed.

10. The Tournament Director (or a designated representative) after consultation with the referee, may cancel any game in progress in any instance where he/she believes it necessary to protect the welfare of players or officials. In the event of such cancellation, the Tournament Director (or a designated representative) shall determine the result of the game for tournament standings.

11. Teams must play at or above their registered USA Hockey level. Playing below registered level will result in disqualification.


1. Game Rules:

a. Each game will consist of three (3) periods, with each period consisting of 12 minutes with a stop clock.

b. If the goal differential is five (5) goals or greater in the third period, running time will commence, except for penalties and injuries.

c. One 60 sec time out will be allowed per each team.

d. Teams will be allowed a three-minute warm-up period prior to each game and 1 min break between periods.

e. Penalties will be 1:30 minutes for a minor penalty; 5 minutes for a major penalty in all periods, including overtime; and 10 minutes for a misconduct penalty in all periods, including overtime.

f. If a player receives four (4) penalties in one game, the player will be ejected from that game at the onset of the fourth penalty.

g. If any team receives 15 or more penalties during one game, the head coach will not be allowed on or near the bench for the next game of that team [USA Hockey rule 404 (d)].

2. Team Standings and Tie Breaking Rules for Pool Play:

a. Two (2) points will given for each win. One (1) point will be given for each tie. Zero (0) points will be given for a loss.

B. Total points for each team will determine final positions in each division. The two teams with the highest total number of points will qualify for the championship game.

C. If two or more teams have an equal number of points, their position in the standings will be determined by the result of games played by the team in the following order:

i. The points acquired in head-to-head games.

ii. Greatest goal differential in all games combined.

iii. Fewest goals against.

iv. The team with the fewest penalty minutes for all games played (game misconduct =10 minutes).

v. Coin toss (each team represented at toss).

D. Championship Game and 3rd Place Game

i. Cannot end in a tie.

ii. In case of a tie at the end of regulation, there will be a 1 minute rest period followed by a 5 minute running clock sudden death overtime period. Teams will skate 3 on 3. If the game is still tied after the overtime period, there will be a 1 minute rest period followed by a best of 3 shootout. Home team has the choice to shoot first or second in the shootout. If no winner has been determined after the initial 3 shooters, the shootout will become sudden death until a winner has been determined after each individual round.

iii. SHOOTOUT ORDER - Prior to the beginning of the Championship or 3rd place game, coaches will list all players on the roster in the order the players will shoot in the event a shootout is warranted to break a tied score. No changes to this listing are allowed once the game starts. If a player is injured and deemed unable to participate or is ineligible due to penalty, the next player on the list will shoot in his place. Once a player has been skipped due to injury or another reason, he is no longer eligible to participate in the shootout.

Matt Thurber Memorial

Mite Tournament Rules (Subject to Change)

1. USA Hockey Rules will be followed, except as noted herein.

2. Decisions by the referees are final. No protests will be allowed.

3. All players and coaches must be on an approved USA Hockey Official roster.

4. All games will be 4 on 4 with a goalie, and small area half ice games. Players will use the benches.

5. Games will be 3 periods. All periods will be 12 minutes long (running clock) with the clock horn buzzing every 2 minutes for a substitution. Puck will be dropped at every substitution.

6. One-minute rest period between periods. Three-minute warm-ups before games as time allows.

7. No game may exceed 45 minutes.

8. If a player receives a minor penalty and the opposing player/team loses possession of the puck. The whistle will be blown, and the puck will be given back to the player/team that lost possession. If it is deemed necessary, the referee may have a player sit for a 2- minute shift. All teams will continue to play 4 on 4 and not be penalized for the penalty.

9. Blue pucks will be used for all games – no exceptions

10. Points are as follows: 3 points for win, 1 point for tie, 0 for loss. 

Tie Breakers are:

  1. Head to Head
  2. Goal Differential
  3. Goals Against
  4. Goals For
  5. Coin Flip

11. This is a fun, fast paced, exciting format for the players and fans. The overall goal is to have fun!!

Any parent or fan acting inappropriately or making negative/derogatory comments to players, referees, coaches and/or other fans will be asked to leave the premises, for the remainder of the game at the minimum. Additional consequences may be administered at the discretion of the tournament director(s). All decisions are final and may be reported to local USA Hockey Safe Sport official.

**Remember these are U8 kids and no NHL scouts will be in attendance. The objective is to have fun and continue to learn to love the game of hockey! **