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Our Mission

Mission Statement

To use the power of sports to create memories for a lifetime and impact people and the communities we work with forever.

What We Are Doing and How You Can Help

The Rising Stars Sports Group is about more than a tournament, league, camp, or other event. Kids around the world play sports for nothing more than their love for the game. From a 6am drive to the rink, to the 5th game of a weekend in a city 8 hours away from home, families everywhere go the extra mile for kids to play sports.

It's about time that a business go the extra mile for all those kids and their families. That is why we are pledging to donate at least 50% of profits every single year to youth organizations in the communities we host events in, and other local and national charities like American Cancer Society's Hockey Fights Cancer Initiative. For us, this is much bigger than a game. This is about making sure every kid has the opportunity to play the game he or she loves. This is about doing greater good for those in need, like fighting for cancer patients across America. 

So how can you help our mission? Anyone can support our mission by participating in an event that we host, because remember, at least 50% of profits will be donated to supporting youth sports and other initiatives. We can't do any of that without support, and each and every participant will be part of our story. You can also support our mission for as little as $3, $5, and $10 a month when you become a Patron by clicking HERE

In addition to at least 50% of profits being donated, we will be giving away a $500 scholarship to a participant EVERY youth tournament, camp, or event. This scholarship will go to the boy or girl who best exemplifies why they love the game they play. Some day, 99% of us no longer get to play the game we love. These scholarships will be to support student athletes in their academic futures because we want everyone to be Rising Stars in not only their sport(s), but life and career.